A bespoke effective e-commerce website helps companies to reach a bigger share of the market by making it easier for customers to make a buying decision.

For designing each e-commerce solution, we analyse and understand the nature of the products and their target audience. We then design the navigation, user journeys, browse and product display elements in a way to maximise the website's conversion rate.

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Each product or service offering is unique and demands its own tailored online shop approach for optimum performance.

Our Approach

1. Requirements analysis
Before development of a system begins, we do a thorough analysis of your requirements to ensure that the software system we design will address your challenges and needs.
Wherever all the requirements cannot be clearly determined in this initial stage, as much high level analysis is done as possible with other specifics being determined during actual design of the system.

2. Solution design
At this stage at which we define the system’s structure, develop a screen blueprint and outline user journeys while working closely with you.
Our vast experience in software development and firm grasp of industry standards enable us to design systems that are easy to maintain.
The design stage is very critical and our team makes sure that the key components of the software application are properly structured and designed. They ensure even at this stage that the system will respond to your requirements.

3. Programming and implementation
This is the point in the project where the actual programming is done and is where the bulk of the work is concentrated. This means that the system delivered at the end of the project is not only highly maintainable, but has robust functionality and minimises the level of your risk.
Our unique in-house coding system enables us to slash the time taken up in the programming stage which translates to reduced costs for you.

4. Comprehensive testing
The quality of the software applications we develop is greatly enhanced by our approach to testing. Testing is done continually, right from the programming stage. This reduces the amount of time spent when the system is tested with its actual users.
After programming, we undertake extensive testing of the system to see how well it executes its functions and whether it will handle the usual workload. All this is to ensure you get a system that will serve you well over a long time.

5. Final installation and configuration
At this stage we install the system in the workplace where it will be used. For web-based applications, this means loading the system to a web server at your premises or to a third party’s servers. We do installation of the application as well as configure and monitor it upon request.

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